How to Maneuver Troublesome Car Warranty Scams

Elder Protective Services’ Advice on how to Steer Clear of Car Warranty Scams Targeting Seniors When searching online for information about your car’s warranty, you are more likely to come across a series of memes or a robocall removal form

Travel Scams Part 1: Airline Scams

Daniel Klibanoff’s Advice on how to Protect Against the Latest Plane Ticket Cons Byline According to the Better Business Bureau’s analysis of reports from their scam tracker, an estimated nearly one in five Americans have been scammed while booking travel

Counterfeit Coupons and Savings Scams

Elder Protective Services’ Advice on Avoiding Coupon Cons and Savings Scams Byline Sunday morning coupon clipping is often viewed as a nostalgic memory from years past. But with shows like Extreme Couponing resurfacing on social media platforms, such as TikTok,

Deluge of Deception: Protect Yourself Against Disaster Scams

Elder Protective Services’ Tips on Spotting and Avoiding Disaster Scams and Charity Fraud Byline With the late hurricane season this year, many were shocked at the devastation left in the wake of Typhoon Merbok and Hurricanes Fiona and Ian. As

Elder Protective Services’ Advice on how to Avoid Having Charitable Intentions Exploited

Last December, senior citizen Michele Johnston heard a knock on her front door. She was not surprised to have visitors asking her to donate to a charity – December is the month of giving after all! Mrs. Johnston thought she

Elder Protective Services’ Advice on How to Spot and Avoid Health Scams

In this day and age the phrase Senior Citizen is no longer associated with bland retirement facilities and Jello cups. The 21st century elder is one who enjoys participating in and contributing to society. Today’s senior citizen is one who

Elder Protective Services’ Advice on How to Recognize, Dodge, and Report Fake Check Scams

In 2021 the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sent out checks to millions of Americans. At the same time, scammers also sent out millions of fraudulent checks to unsuspecting victims. According to the FBI, 70%

Elder Protective Services’ Advice on How to Spot and Avoid Amazon Impostor Scams

Last month media outlets across the United States spotlighted the Bortz couple and their tragic experience of internet scam and financial elder abuse. ABC News 10 reported that in January of last year the couple received what looked like a

Elder Protective Services’ Guide on Avoiding Housing or Vacation Rental Scams

Imagine finding an affordable rental property near your daughter’s established family home. You go back and forth with the realtor from the listing for weeks. You fill out the online application and you are approved. Before buying moving boxes, you

Elder Protective Services’ Advice on How to Reduce Automated Calls

As we discussed in our article Always Read the Fine Print, if you agree to the Terms of Service contract that allows your information to be sold to third parties, you will likely receive numerous unsolicited robocalls. Many of those