Elder Protective Services’ Advice on Decoding Terms of Service Agreements and Contracts

When a new phone and cable company established their business in Ramona’s home town and advertised lower monthly prices, she decided to make the switch and forgot to read the Terms of Service Agreement before signing. As it happens, 65-year

Social Security Scams the Warning Signs and Next Steps

With over 65 million Americans receiving Social Security benefits, it’s no surprise that scammers target elders under the disguise of the Social Security Administration. Seniors across the United States have received fraudulent letters, emails, phone calls and even text messages

Notorious Utility and Energy Scams: What to Look For and Protection Advice from Elder Protective Services

It’s a sweltering summer day and your air conditioner is blowing on full blast. You seem sure that you paid the last electric bill, but the utility representative waiting at your front door with an ID and iPad is claiming

Senior fraud: The various types of elderly scams

Sadly, scam artists often target seniors. This is because they know that many older adults easily trust others and may have difficulty spotting a scam. These types of frauds can be very costly and cause a lot of emotional distress

Important Facts About Senior Fraud That Everyone Should Know About

What is senior fraud? Senior fraud is a financial crime that targets seniors. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to this fraud because they may be more trusting and inexperienced with technology and the internet. Senior fraud is often committed by

How Daniel Klibanoff’s Experience in Data Services Can Help Stop Elder Fraud

Daniel Klibanoff believes that the elderly, like children, deserve love and attention. He is very committed to protecting the elderly against those who seek to financially scam or exploit them. For years, he has worked with various groups and individuals

Daniel Klibanoff’s Crusade to Help the Elderly

Daniel Klibanoff has quite a success in his chosen field. He is a serial entrepreneur whose companies he has owned generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. He rose from humble beginnings, establishing a data business four decades ago

Daniel Klibanoff Shares Insights on Elder Fraud

Every year, millions of elderly Americans become victims of elder fraud. These con artists target senior citizens with substantial savings who may be more trusting of con artists. Daniel Klibanoff notes that resources are available to help you or your

Daniel Klibanoff on Internet Scams

Cybercriminals can exploit the internet to con their victims. Scams on the internet take various forms, including pop-ups that contain malware, emails that try to fool you into providing financial information, and social media posts designed to start bogus love

Elder Protective Services Password Protection 101: Learn the What, Why, and How of Strong Passwords

When creating an account for a website or an app nothing is more frustrating than receiving an error message that reads “Password requirements have not been met”. Most internet users will update that password by adding numbers and special characters